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I'm in the business of communication. I believe content is king. Stylish design will get attention once, but compelling interesting content will draw readers back time after time.

Chris Worth, a well known, internationally recognised e-marketer writes about 'going Gonzo' - make what you say really stand for what you believe in. That might mean writing copy that is hard hitting and frank. My own web site is written in a style that fosters a reaction - whether it's good or bad. That's our aim. I don't expect everyone to like it, but it ensures that people know about me, who I am  and how I think.

Producing text that's interesting to read and clearly gets your message across is not as easy as it sounds. Take the time to read some of your own marketing material and judge for yourself!

I write copy for internal & external communications including announcements, articles, brochures, promotional literature, advertisements and websites.

Want some copywriting help? Call Sharon on 07855 265542

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