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Marketing Communications

How do you communicate with your customers?

Do you even communicate with them?!

Want help defining the messages that you want to share with an audience?

Whatever the media (online, offline and somewhere in between), I can help you devise key messages about your business and about your product/service and create a plan for regular communication.

I help clients issue press releases and editorial to media, regularly update their website, issue newsletters to their customers, send sales / promotional emails and keep social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube up to date.

I also assist with internal communications - something that's sometimes forgotten. You may be launching an internal project, a new tool or introducing new changes where you need full staff engagement. Your staff are your embassadors so it's important that they know what's going on and understand the key messages.

Staff and other stakeholders need to be treated as importantly as your customers. We've all experienced phone calls to staff in large organisations who don't fully represent the same ethos that we see in expensive advertising campaigns. Ensure you invest in internal communications too.

Want to know more? Call Sharon on 07855 265542

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