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Advertising is about raising awareness of your company and your products and services. A well-designed advert can do a lot - if designed and targeted well.

All too often we see adverts that don't market the company very well at all. They either contain too much information, use poor quality images, are designed by someone who thinks they know about design but obviously doesn't, and they don't always contain the critical 'call to action'.

I work with professionally qualified designers who design corporate messages or campaign specific advertisements and together we help identify the best media (online and offline) to attract the most interest. We also directly liaise with the publications to negotiate placement and rates - taking the hassle out of you placing advertisements.

I also act as your Media Office fielding all sales calls from publications wanting to sell you advertising space that you might not need or want. I analyse publications for their content, readership and circulation to ascertain if they're the right publications for your specific marketing needs.

Want your advertising to work for you? Call Sharon on 07855 265542

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